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• More than 2 billion people worldwide can access the internet on their mobile device
• 87 million people in the US alone can surf the mobile Web
• Only .03% of the 80,000,000+  .com, .net, and .org sites are mobile friendly
• The mobile Web is a new marketing channel that’s predicted to generate $150 billion by 2011
we are fast approaching a time when the mobile web will be the promotion tool of choice.
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We have entered into a new information age, one that is no longer dominated by the world wide web.

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Advertisement announces free national web resources for local directories with release of new YAP3

Posted: Wednesday, July 16 2008

Skiatook, OK (July 15, 2008)- Yellow Assistance ( has released a new free service for
independent business directories, called Yellow Assistance Publisher Partnership Program (, or YAP3 for short, which will enable independent business phone directories to compete against the top national business directories.

YAP3 gives the little guy the edge, providing independent phone directories with their own instant private-labeled yellow pages website with professional design. Directories can then pass along the benefits to their advertisers, as YAP3 will help optimizing their listing with the Search Engines (i.e. Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc).

But the Yellow Assistance team didn’t stop there. They went the extra mile to give directories and businesses the top available technology, offering click-N-talk phone number links, send-to-mobile and mobile web page listings (.mobi), along with many other features like localized headlines and news, consumer business ratings and reviews, and more.

YAP3 combines a national scoping process with over 19 million business listings nationwide to allow nationwide search capabilities while preserving localized and relevant advertising. This adds up to big results for independents, who have previously been unable to offer their listings alongside a national database like the corporate business directories.
Additionally, business owners each choose a personalized login username and password where they can monitor their businesses’ reviews, adjust their listings’ content and even create and post consumer coupons and other advertisements.

The system is 100% free and maintains the security of independent directories’ listings, while providing them with an additional source of revenue with banner ads and optimized listings.

Yellow Assistance is proud to offer this service free to independent directories nationwide. For the directory owners, this is an opportunity to unite and compete on a national level for the first time.

For more information, please go to Yellow Assistance ( to watch the Features & Benefits Video or e-mail

Mobile Websites
  Mobile Websites are here to stay, did you know that there are 2 billion mobile phone users today? Imagine if your customers could access your information anywhere at any time.Mobile Websites are unique to Mobile Phones,
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Technology is changing daily, and as a business owner, you want to be a part of where your customer is. And where they are, is on the go. They are mobile.

We are a mobile society using mobile phones to communicate with family, friends, and community.

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